Most people who suffer from COPD, asthma and other common respiratory conditions find them difficult to manage, mainly due to a lack of an easy way to monitor their respiratory condition.  Current medical tests, such as spirometry and peak flow, require “forced expiratory manoeuvers”, which patients find challenging and sometimes distressing.  Children cannot master the techniques required for consistent results.  This lack of timely feedback results in a high number of avoidable hospitalisations, unexpected exacerbations and unnecessary anxiety, both for the sufferer and their family.

At CRiL, we specialise in measuring the carbon dioxide in normal tidal breath, which is a direct indicator of a person’s respiratory performance.   Our N-Tidal respiratory monitor platform technology uses an advanced nano-technology CO2 sensor.  It monitors respiratory performance through tidal breathing, without any forced expiration manoeuvers.  It is simple to use for patients and health care professionals, provides a clear indication of changes in respiratory performance and has demonstrated the ability to predict the onset of respiratory exacerbations in COPD.  The technology will also work with all other major respiratory conditions.

In the future, N-Tidal technology will generate “Big Respiratory Data” and be integrated into drug delivery systems, creating an intelligent feedback loop to optimise patient management and outcomes, whilst reducing costs.   We believe that our “game-changing” technology will transform the diagnosis and management of respiratory diseases by:

  • Increasing patient ownership
  • Improving their quality of life
  • Optimising respiratory medication
  • Predicting respiratory exacerbations
  • Reducing avoidable hospital admissions
  • Lowering the cost of patient care