CRiL’s N-Tidal C personal respiratory monitor has been validated in an observational, longitudinal clinical study at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.  30 patients with moderate-to-severe COPD used the device three times per day every day for six weeks to record their respiratory condition.  

During this study the N-Tidal C collected a database of 2,600 breathing records containing over 50,000 individual breaths.  Regular respiratory clinical assessments were also completed on each study participant during the six week trial period.  This pivotal study was completed between February and July 2016.    

COPD Breathing Record Study:

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The study has already proven that the N-Tidal C is easy for the participants to use and collects highly accurate respiratory records.  It confirmed that the breath records are consistent and reproducible.  The TBCO2 waveforms clearly distinguish respiratory condition and the study identified changes in the TBCO2 waveform that predict a respiratory attack.  It will improve patient care and reduce costs through non-admission and more efficient management. 

As part of the verification of the N-Tidal C, the monitor was also used to collect breath records from a six year old child.  They proved to be equally consistent and reproducible.